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Welcome to our digital scrapbook! If you’re not already familiar, we’re Kaity-Shea and Chris. We currently reside in The Holy City, Charleston, SC, and this is where we document our favorite moments and things, as well as Chris’ disc golf adventures. We’re always down to make new friends, so feel free to tagalong in our adventure to escape reality and find charm in everyday life 🙂

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Closing Out Twenty-Eight and Saying Goodbye to My Dad

As my birthday approaches, I find myself reflecting more than anything. So many life-altering events happened this year. I settled into a new town and apartment; I experienced my first (and hopefully last) pandemic; I struggled with searching for a job during said pandemic; and I spent months caring for my dad in hospice –…

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Demons, Dogs and HotHands

It had been a long day. After 12 long hours of trekking a disc golf course in temperatures well below what my body could withstand, Chris and I came home, quickly changed and headed to Mex 1 to grab a quick bite to eat. I relished each bit of food as if I hadn’t eaten…

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Dining Room Non-Essentials

I’ve spent well over a year envisioning the layout of this particular corner of our apartment. If I had a nickel for every time I said “as soon as I get a job, I’m getting that table,” I’d have at least 80 cents. The table I’m referring to is West Elm’s pedestal dining table with…

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